Why Get A Facial? There Are Physical Benefits

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August 15, 2017
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Why Get A Facial? There Are Physical Benefits

Thinking of spending up and getting a facial? There are a number of benefits for a Long Island facial. And even though some may cost more than others, it makes sense for you health. 

These are the benefits. 

Detox – One of the greatest benefits of facial massage is that it helps increase blood flow, thereby improving circulation. Better circulation means more blood pumping through the areas of our face, whisking away any impurities. Tight, stiff muscles can hold those impurities, so you can  begin the detoxification process with a few simple exercises/strokes.

Firm – An added benefit to facial exercise is that along with becoming stronger, the muscles help firm up the skin that lies over them. One area in particular that people struggle with as we mature is the jowl area (the area around and underneath the cheeks and chin).

Relax – Have you ever gotten one of those really killer headaches right between your eyes? Or the kind that wrap around your forehead and feel like a vice? Those headaches can actually be caused by muscle tension in our face. Just like with the rest of our body, facial yoga can help easily stretch and relax. The moves are as simple as rubbing our palms together until they’re warm, and then cupping them gently over our eyes.

Pamper – Massage is an excellent modality for relaxation, helping increase blood flow and soothe tense muscles. Facial massage is typically something that we get at a spa, but we can also perform some basic massage on our own face. First, select a light, gentle, hydrating lotion to use as a massage cream, because we don’t want to leave something heavy on our face that might clog our pores. 

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