What To Expect When Getting A Pedicure

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September 22, 2017
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October 2, 2017

What To Expect When Getting A Pedicure

So you getting your feet done for the first time. Maybe it’s a special occasion or maybe you just want to take care of yourself.

Well when you get a professional Long Island pedicure, there are certain things you should expect before you go in the first time.

  • Walk-ins Welcome – Although it takes time for you to get your pedicure, you want a place that will welcome you without an appointment. Maybe, you are just so busy, that you can’t block out the time. A Walk-in place is helpful.
  • A Big Smile – The better time the nail technician is having the better experience you have. You should expect a big smile from the professional and a cheery disposition3
  • Complimentary water or coffee – More and more places are starting to offer complimentary “feel-good” services to their clients. Just something small… you know, a personal touch that sets them apart from all of the other places out there.
  • Personal Assistant – You want to feel good when going into the salon, They try to do anything in their power to make it a comfortable and pleasant experience for you. (So you’ll want to come back!) I’ve never met more agreeable and complimentary people than those in nail salons and spas.
  • Pure relaxation.While they’re catering to your every foot-related need, you are encouraged to just relax and enjoy. Just don’t fall asleep, cuz you need to know when to switch feet! When prompted you have to repeatedly get one foot out of the “spa water” and put it up on the footrest so your pedicurist (is that a word?) can work on it, while at the same time you put the foot he or she just worked on back into the water.



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