Things to know before you get your nails done professionally

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Things to know before you get your nails done professionally

Okay, you have some money in your pocket and want to look your best. You never went to a nail salon before because you thought it was a too expensive and you could do it yourself. However, you are jealous of how good your best friend’s nails look.

So it’s time to go to a salon.

1) What Salon to go to?

Find out where your friends go. It’s not always easy to go in blind to a salon. You don’t know what you get. But if you can find a place someone recommends, then all the better. Also work within your budget so you don’t over extend yourself.

2) Make an appointment             

Most good nail specialists are busy, so it’s best to call ahead. Sure places take walk-ins, but it’s best to make sure the person you want is available. Even if you have to wait, it’s worth it.

3) Know what you want before you go

What kind of service are you looking for today?  Manicure?  Pedicure?  Both?  What color?  You wan gel?  Do you want a design?  What kind of design? …etc.  These are the typical questions that the nail tech will ask before preparing to work on you, so you should have a clear idea of what you want done before heading to the nail salon.  

Look online at photos if you want something special. The more information you give to the specialist, the better. it’s a good idea to do some research before and bring photos of nail looks that you “envision” to your nail appointment.  This way, your idea is on paper and someone else can know exactly what you’re thinking.

4) Know your prices beforehand

Don’t go in blind and feel free to ask questions. here is usually a base fee for typical mani or pedi, any little things beyond that will be an add-on.  If you want a spa pedicure, it’s extra.  If you want gel polish, it’s extra.  If you want a design, it’s extra.  And the extra list can go on.  

And a tip is always important!

5) The Process

Nail salons have a variety of nail polishes for you to choose from, so all you have to do is arrive, pick a color, and get pampered.  However, sometimes you may not find the color that you envisioned (as in my case numerous times), so bringing your own polish is also an option, to know that you will be happy with the color.

For a typical manicure, you will be seated at a station after you choose your color (bring it to the station).  Any old polish residues on your nails will first be removed, then your fingers will be soaked in a bowl of water to soften the skin, one hand at a time.  The nail tech will ask if you want your nail length to be clipped, or just filed down, and what shape, square or round.  The steps after that are cleaning of the underside of the nails, pushing the cuticles back, and trimming the excess skin all around the nails.  

 After all the nail preparation, you will get a nice hand/arm massage before moving onto color.  

This will be your last chance to voice your idea about any designs that you want done, since they will be painting your nails with the color that you’ve selected, and move on to final top coat.  

You will be sent to the UV light station for drying your beautifully painted manicure.

6) Request the same artist the next time.

If you liked who you worked with before, keep going back to the same one. You will continue to be satisfied and will build a relationship with that person. They will know what you want and will make the process easier next time.


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