The Three Stages Of Eyelash Extensions

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March 19, 2017
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The Three Stages Of Eyelash Extensions

When you first get Eyelash Extensions in Long Island, you sometimes worry about how you look. Like a change in hair style, you can worry if it looks right or not. And you can worry if it will hurt.

Although the eyelash extensions are not in contact with clients’ own skin, the poor-quality eyelash extensions and glue will hurt your customers’ natural lashes and eyes. Eyelash glue in poor quality can stimulate people’s eyes. Then cause allergic reactions through tears or sweat. So, choose the healthy and environmental eyelash factory, enhance the skill of eyelash grafting, take care of the eyelash extensions after application are very important.
 There are three stages of applying eyelash extensions.

Acquaintance– breaking-in period

The first time applying eyelash extensions, the lash of people will have a breaking-in period with the extensions. Per the body’s metabolism, some lashes will fall off normally after 30 days. Then people will have a good impression on them.

Like-Adaptation period

The second time applying eyelash extensions, the lash of people has adapted the exist of lash extensions. Then they will make people have a lasting beauty with the eyes. Now people will begin to like them.

Love – Consolidation period

The third time applying eyelash extensions, they will be felt like your own lashes. Then people will fall in love with them and can’t leave them.

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