Ten Tips To Do Before Getting A Facial

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July 25, 2017
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Ten Tips To Do Before Getting A Facial

Thinking of treating yourself to a facial or did someone you love give you a gift certificate for a facial? Then great. Enjoy it. But also before you start you should consider some steps before you get the spa treatment of your choice.

  1. Try to get your facial done in the evening. Schedule your appointment in such a way that when you come out of the parlor, there is no sunlight. When you get a facial done, skin is sensitive and sun rays can cause damage to the fresh skin.
  2. If you get it done during the day, use sunscreen. Before you leave the salon, insist on applying a good quality sunscreen on your face and neck. Ideally, the facial technician at the parlor should do it.
  3. Sensitive skin? Give instructions to the facial technician . Sensitive skin can react very badly to facials sometimes – organic facials must be avoided at all costs as they have a higher risk of aggravating allergies. Tell the facial technician about sensitivity and allergies in advance. Otherwise she can end up hurting your skin while extracting blackheads. You will end up with a nose so red, it can put Rudolph to shame.
  4. Do not combine your facial with other skin procedures. We know you’re pressed for time and you want to get threading and bleaching done in the same sitting as your facial. But it is too much for the skin to take, so avoid doing everything in one go.
  5. Avoid makeup immediately after the facial. Now that is like digging a grave for your skin. Steer clear of makeup for at least eight hours after the facial to avoid reactions and infections.
  6. Do not wash your face for four hours after a facial. Let your skin absorb the benefits of the products used during the facial. If your face begins to feel dry, use a face mist. If it feels oily, splash cold water.
  7. Going to a party? So you want to look fresh and glowing so you plan a facial just a few hours before the party. Big mistake! Schedule your facial at least a day or two before the party. You will still look glowing and your skin will also be ready for makeup.
  8. If you have a sunburn, facials are not the solution. After beach vacations or periods of skipping sunscreen, it is important to let your skin recover before getting a facial. Facials will not cure the sunburn, they will only make them worse.
  9. Drink the right things. Drink lots of water before and after your facial. Avoid coffee, alcohol and soda beverages for a day or two before and after the facial.
  10. Acne-prone skin? If you have a new pimple on the day of the facial, cancel the appointment. Wait for a day or two and then go for it. Also, for oily skin try to skip the massage phase of the facial.

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