How To Prep For A French Manicure

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March 31, 2017
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How To Prep For A French Manicure

Going to a Long Island Nail Salon isn’t always the easiest way of getting your nails done. These days you have to have the salon and spend time for the appointment. Sometimes you have to do it yourself.

Follow these easy steps and you too can prep for a French Manicure to save time at the Long Island Manicurist.

Remove the Old Polish

First, wash hands and remove old nail polish with an acetone-free polish remover if you have a light shade or an acetone remover for darker shades (acetones can be drying to the nails).
Use an orangewood stick with the end covered in cotton and dipped in nail polish remover for the edges if needed.

Clip Your Nails

The trendy nail shape of the moment is a “squoval” meaning not square nor oval. Long, squared nails that look fake can be tacky and super square nails can look dated.

To get the perfect squoval, clip your nails straight across. Grab a file and file in one direction so the corners are slightly rounded.

Prep Your Nails

If you get your nails professionally done, you’ll notice how much prep work goes in before the paint goes on.


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