Facials and Body Treatments

Spa Facials

UltraHydrating Antioxidant Facial


A rich blend of vitamin C, botanicals and nourishing anti-oxidants de-stress, soothe and protect. The choice facial treatment for dry/dehydrated, rosacea-prone and sensitive skin. 60 Minutes

Ormedic Organic Facial


A synthesis of the purest certified organic ingredients formulated for medical effectiveness delivers optimal results. Ideal for all skin types to balance and restore the natural way.

Clear Cell Anti-Acne Facial


Effective acne-fighting ingredients and potent anti-inflammatory botanicals purify, eliminate excess oil and reduce inflammation.

Illuminating Facial


Powerful skin lightening botanicals address all forms of discoloration from pigmentation imbalance to correct and prevent uneven skin tone. 60 Minutes

Stem Cell Facial


A unique blend of plant-derived stem cell technology promotes advanced anti-aging results and delivers nutripeptides to plump the skin. Maximum prevention, correction and nutrition at the cellular level combats imbalance, stress and UV damage. 60 Minutes

Facial Additions

Complement and customize your facial with any of these services:



This treatment kills bacteria and reduces inflamation, hence the acne-fighting benefits. It also increases circulation to stimulate collegen, making it an effective anti-aging and glow-boosting tool as well.

Clinical Treatments

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion


Microdermabrasion is a facial procedure that uses manual exfoliation to remove the outer layer of skin. This process works in a series to achieve the best results. We use a Diamond tipped wand to abrade the surface of your skin. This facial treats problems with skin texture, scarring, wrinkles, age spots, and rosacea.



A facial procedure that requires the use of a sterile surgical scalpel to gently shave the top layer of your skin, removing any dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz). This treatment also reveals fresh, brighter looking skin as it promotes cell turnover.

Customized Chemical Peel Facial

Uncover youthful, more radiant skin while targeting specific skincare concerns. Your skin care professional will choose the perfect peel for your skin. 50 Minutes

  • Signature Lift Peel $80
  • Wrinkle Lift Peel $80
  • Perfection Lift Peel $155

About our Product:

Image Skincare is used in all of the above treatments. Image products are paraben free, silicone free, with no petrochemicals or chemical preservatives. All fragrance is composed with 100% essential oils and not synthetic perfumes. Image has never conducted animal testing. Environmental respect is also utilized. Image Skincare products are developed and formulated by internationally recognized chemists working with a board of physicians. With high standards, advanced science, and clean products containing superior ingredients we know our customers are on their way to the most radiant skin.

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