Eyelash Perming

Eyelash Perm is the best treatment for perfectly curled lashes up to three months. It will help you save time in the morning and allow you to wear less eye makeup.

Our team of professionals performs each eyelash perm with high quality equipment and products. We would be delighted to welcome you and to leave your lashes flawless!

Before the eyelash perm application, your eyes and lashes will be cleansed with an non oily make-up remover. Then our stylist will measure the lashes to see what type of rod is most fitting. It will help to not overcurl the lashes and to have a visible result. The rod will be glued and placed on the eyelid directly above the upper eyelash line.

Each lash will be placed carefully and secured on the rod. After that, we will apply the perming lotion and let it sit for some minutes. The lotion will be removed after some minutes and a neutralizing solution will be applied.

This will be left on some minutes more. Then the artist will remove the neutralizing solution precisely and then the rod. The last step is to remove the glue and apply a lotion for caring your treated lashes.



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