Eyelash Extensions


Classic Set


Volume Set

Want both? We can provide you with a mixed set which will include some classic lashes, and some flared lashes.

The focus is on you!

The health of your natural lashes will not be compromised because of our application technique and safety protocols

Our clients in West Hempstead, Long Island and Nassau County have been treated to an eyelash spa, as we create with them the look they desire. With a choice of mink, silk or synthetic lashes our clients have chosen the perfect shape, length and fullness they wanted in their lashes and we can do the same for you. We pride ourselves in the attention and care we give to our clients, working closely with them to create the look they want. The clients choose the shape, type of lash (mink, silk, synthetic), and we create the look, while our clients relax. It’s like a day at the spa for your eyes.

Eyelash Extension

Silk Set

Natural Set


2 week fill $50

3 week fill $65

Fuller Set


1 week $55
2 week $70
3 week $85

Fullest Set


1 week $65
2 week $85
3 week $100


Natural Set


2 week $70
3 week $85

Fuller Set


2 week $90
3 week $105

Fullest Set


2 week $120
3 week $140

Volume Set



1 week $75
2 week $100
3 week $120

4D lashes


2 week $140
3 week $120

5D lashes


2 week $160
3 week $185

Eyelash Perming


Eyelash Tinting


Eyebrow Tinting


Lash Removal

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Eyelash Extensions In Nassau County

Eyelash extensions can bring glamour and luxury to your everyday makeup routine, or replace it completely.

  • Eyelash Extensions are soft, light and flexible
  • Each eyelash is placed one at a time
  • Eyelash Extensions can last indefinitely with regular touch-ups
  • You can shower, swim, and play in the rain like real lashes
  • NO mascara needed
  • Wake up everyday with lush, beautiful lashes

Work with a certified Eyelash Extensionist and shape the look and feel of your eyelash extensions. We offer a variety of materials with various curls that will make your eyes their beautiful best.

The extensions are applied to your natural lash, enhancing the beauty of your eyes, yet they are waterproof. So you can shower, spend the day at the spa, or go swimming without concern about your lashes.

No more “raccoon eyes,” just long, beautiful lashes. Professional, expert application of eyelash extensions can change your look, add to your confidence, and provide a touch of glamor to your day, every day. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and with monthly touch ups (or fills) can last indefinitely.

Mascara clumps and inadequate products will no longer be issues with your new fuller seductive eyelash extensions.

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